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Combating Blocked Drains in Annandale

​There is no question that a blocked drain can cause a serious disruption in your life. Your family literally cannot function as a household if a drain is blocked. If you are looking at this screen and something like this has happened to you, then you want solutions, and you want them fast.

Of course, as with anything else in life, knowledge is power, and we  not only want to help you solve your drain problem, but we also want to educate you about this unfortunate situation in the process. Here are some of the most common questions:

What is a blocked drain?

The simplest definition for a blocked drain is that it is any drain in your home or business that is suddenly not functioning right. It could be a stopped-up sink, a toilet, a shower drain, or an exterior drain that is backing up in your front yard. Instead of functioning normally and properly draining the water, it is getting clogged and the water is flooding out everywhere. This is why you need an experienced Annandale plumber who can provide you with some quick solutions.

What can cause a blocked drain?

Of course, there are several pitfalls you should be aware of in order to avoid a blocked drain. One of the first areas of concern would be toilet paper. No, it’s not necessarily whether you flush it down the toilet that is the problem, but it is the type of toilet paper you flush down it. If it is regular, standard-issue toilet paper, you should be fine. However, if you attempt to flush down paper towels, you may have a significant drainage problem.

Additionally, another issue does stem from regular toilet paper, but from using too much of it. Even the best toilet paper for your septic system will clog it if you use too much of it.

Finally, you should be careful with flushing foreign objects down your septic system. Such things as too much hair, cooking oil or grease, or a child’s plaything (no, hot wheels cars do not belong in your toilet) will wreak havoc on your system, and you will end up having to call a plumbing professional.

How I do unblock a blocked drain in Annandale?

If you are an Annandale resident, then chances are this is the next question you might have regarding your blocked drains. Yes, if the drain isn’t serious enough, there are some steps you can take to unblock the drain yourself. First of all, if you’re lucky, the clog will be minor enough that you can simply use a standard plunger available at any hardware store and it will clear up the clog. However, sometimes these clogged drains will be more complicated than that.

The good news is that if a plunger isn’t doing the trick, there are other methods you can utilise. For starters, you often can bend a coat hanger into a straight line with a hook and remove some of the gunk that has collected in your drain. The only caveat with this method is to make sure you are pulling the clogging mess out instead of pushing it further in.

Another method would be to make a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. You will notice that it will fizz, and it is this action that will unclog your drain. Pour it down as quickly as possible, and then top it off with some hot water. Of course, if none of the do-it-yourself methods are working, then you will need a licensed plumber, and that leads us to our next question.

Why do I need a licensed plumber in Annandale?

One of the main reasons why you need a licensed plumber is because they can afford you many different advantages over trying to do it yourself. First of all, if you have a plumber that is fully qualified. They will be much more educated on potential issues that could affect your plumbing. Another reason is that these plumbers often have more knowledge than their unlicensed counterparts. They are usually required to pass an exam before they can become licensed.

Finally, there are a lot of jobs that will require pipe relining, and you can usually only accomplish this task with a licensed plumber. They can answer all of your questions regarding pipe relining, including the following:

What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is something that is an alternative to fixing a broken sewer system, which can easily run into the five-figures or more. When you have exhausted all other options for fixing your clogged drain, then chances are you will need to look at pipe relining.

How Sharpline Drain Clearing & Plumbing Solutions can help you pipe relining in Annandale?

Sharpline Drain Clearing & Plumbing Solutions realises that having to fix your entire sewer system can take an emotional toll on you. That is why they are the experts available to answer any questions you might have. We can offer estimates, start working on the job immediately, and get your home back to full speed in no time!

A blocked drain can be your worst nightmare. Fortunately, the plumbers at Sharpline Drain Clearing & Plumbing Solutions are experts at fixing blocked drains. Our plumbers are fully licensed and insured so you have nothing to worry about. Best of all, our plumbers have excellent experience when it comes to fixing your blocked sewer. We are your local blocked drain plumbers ready to help you out. 

Pipe relining is an excellent option if you are looking to save money. There is no need to dig new trenches with pipe relining. Pipe relining technology is an excellent alternative to pipe replacement. There are many advantages to pipe relining. For more information, please talk to one of our expert plumbers who will gladly help you. 

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